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Have You Heard Of COPD?

One in Ten adults worldwide over the age of 40 may have COPD, killing more people than cancer. Take a few minutes to find out about COPD.

What Does It Stand For?

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Chronic means it won’t go away
  • Obstructive means partly blocked
  • Pulmonary means in the lungs
  • Disease means ill health

COPD is a common lung disease that obstructs the airways, making breathing difficult, usually caused by smoking. It can be prevented. When COPD develops, it can be treated, although it cannot be cured. The earlier it is detected, the better the results of treatment.

You might have COPD if...

  • You have a history of exposure to risk factors for the disease.
  • Smoked cigarettes or other forms of tobacco.
  • Dusts and chemicals from your occupation.

Symptoms of COPD

  • A cough that won'€™t go away.
  • Bringing up phlegm or mucus when you cough.
  • Getting out of breath when you do physical activity including:
  • Walking up a flight of stairs.
    Walking the dog.
    Getting washed and dressed.

Top tips to keeping well this winter

  • Always take your medications/inhalers as prescribed
  • Take your time and concentrate on your inhaler technique
  • Having problems….see your Practice Nurse
  • Keep handy your rescue medicines: Steroids and antibiotics
  • Know when to take them? Have you got an advice sheet? if not ask for one

The cold weather increases respiratory problems and can be life threatening:

  • Keep your home warm, aim for the living room to be 21degrees and the bedroom 18 degrees, perhaps get a room thermometer (a cheap nursery one is fine)
  • Stay inside if the outside temperature is below 5degrees
  • Keep physically active
If you think you may be affected please ask your Doctor or Nurse about a simple breath test called Spirometry.